• Surplus/Seasonal Stocks

        • Have surplus and seasonal stocks which require safe and secure storage? U-Store warehouse facilities allow you to store your stocks for whatever period you need and for how much space you need. No need to rent a full warehouse to stow away your seasonal stocks, plus our vault systems allow you to organise your stocks by whatever category you require.

        • Archive Solutions

        • Our archive vaults offer you the best solution for your archive needs. No need to worry about complicated archiving software to trace the recoverability of your archives . Our box in box principle is simple – 112 archive boxes in every vault so just index them right the first time and stowed away safely for whatever period you need. Let’s explore further the options for your archive solutions.
      • Option A-
        Archive Storage-Vault System

      • Just like general storage – the U-Store archive vault is delivered to your premises and loaded with a maximum of 112 archive boxes. It is padlocked and sealed in your presence and taken to our warehouse for storage for whatever duration you require.

      • Option B-
        Individual Archive Box Storage

      • This option allows us to take care of all your archive requirements. U-Store archives boxes will be delivered to your offices to be packed and indexed. Each box may also be secured for confidentiality. Once completed we will collect the boxes and take them to a dedicated vault in our warehouse for storage. Upon your request , we will deliver an archive box to your office and arrangements for urgent deliveries are also in place. So no more worries that your archives are being accessed by unauthorised personnel and documents may go missing. Your archives are secured in your own personal vault which is just a number in our warehouse.

        You may visit our warehouse to inspect and retrieve any documents you may require. We also offer you full office facilities included scanning and copying of documents should you require.

        Please contact us to discuss further your specific archiving and storage requirements.