• Shredding
      • It may be a draft, but it's just as confidential!

      • The risk of your company documents falling into the wrong hands is too high to ignore. That is why more and more companies are subscribing to U-Recycle Shredding Service.

        Whilst talk of the paperless office has been about for decades, office environments still generate tonnes of waste paper, much of which is being disposed through normal waste channels and ending up in landfills.

        Apart from the negative environmental effect, there is the possibility that confidential documents are not being shredded and may end up in the wrong hands. Mobile onsite shredding is based on the concept that every document within an office contains important information and needs to be shredded. Furthermore it embraces the concept that Waste Office Paper is a resource and its proper recycling should be given recognition.

        Through our shredding programme at U-Recycle we are giving you the opportunity to ensure that all your office waste paper is shredded and recycled. We have invested in a brand new Euro 5 Shred Truck with very low emissions which enables us to shred paper on site and take this to our recycling facility.

        We have designed cardboard recycling containers tailor-made to fit beneath desks to ease the disposal of paper. These may be emptied into lockable 240L bins and on a periodic basis our personnel will come and shred all documents in the mobile shred truck within minutes in your employees presence.

      • How does it all work?

      • At just €0.23 + VAT per kilo your archive documents are shredded on site and taken to our Waste Recovery Facility for recycling.

        •  Standard Carton Containers for waste paper which fit neatly beneath desks
        •  Supply of Wheelie Bins for centralised collection
        •  Monthly Periodic Onsite Shredding of all the Waste Paper in Wheelie Bins
        •  Free Disposal of waste paper in our Waste Recycling Facility
        •  Certificate of Destruction on each cycle
        •  Certificate that your company is a member of U-Recycle
        •  Inspired by Nature and is an environment friendly company

        Furthermore should you require to clear out your archives, our shred truck is available for whatever volume you may have. 

        At just €0.23 + VAT per kilo your archive documents are shredded on site and taken to our Waste Recovery Facility for recycling. Our Shred truck can handle up to 1000kgs per hour.

        Whole files shredded, no need to remove paperclips, pins or staples. A Certificate of Destruction will be given on each cycle, providing a complete custodial chain record for your files.

      • U-Recycle Shredding Facts

        • Industrial Shredding right on your doorstep with a capacity of 1000 kilos per hour

          Low emissions shred truck - Euro 5

          Whole files can be shredded, no need to remove paper clips, pins and staples

          Certificate of Destruction issued on every cycle

          Shredded paper is baled and recycled

          Recognition of being an Eco-friendly company that cares for its stakeholder data protection

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      • Learn more about recycling and shredding in Malta..
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